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Bio: I was born in 1973 at Malawi, Africa. I lived however the most of my live in Holland. I now act as social entrepreneur, and focus my self on the establishment and operations of cooperations and foundations. Until 2008 I worked as projectmanager and ICT Architect at Dutch biggest banks.

In 2008 I got ‘lifejammed’: I ran into a burnout, mental health care gave me various Diagnosis. I have written a book on this subject ‘Diagnose Levensklem’ (Lifejammed Diagnosis). It describes the ‘inverse’ elements in nowdays healthcare system. But it also proposes an alternative. I assist in the creation of an alternative healthcare system in Holland. In addition I am active in fundamental system change: I want to use my experience and knowledge on financial systems, to create an alternative. And yes, to implement ‘imagine’, the song by John Lennon. One of my credo’s: You will say I was a Realist, then, and only a few remain Dreaming. Imagine2Release.

In addition I consider myself to be an multi expressionist: Not only via books I want to express my self, but also via music. Video. Sports (rock climbing and barefoot running).

Malawi Children Foundation: I hope one day to see a foundation which aims to build ‘mama papa’ towns in Malawi, for the sake of the million orphans there. And do something back for the land which gave me birth… I see this as an combination of the ‘Flowtowns’ concept, ‘Ecovillages’  and Children Villages.

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