A Child in the Arms of the Men Song

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A not so nice sounding song because it is about a not so nice sounding theme… child soldiers, who have been given Ritalin like chemicals to make them mercy less killers. I have song this song only once, and I don’t think I can or want to sing it again. It is time for new songs, but… I have listened to it many times. And each time when the sentence passes ‘One day she wakes between the lakes…’ a tear rises. We should not forget or close the eyes for bad deeds in the world. We need to see it, to feel it, to go through it. The change it.

I thank Dire Straits and Donovan for their songs Private Investigations and Universal Soldier. Which I resang and played many times (on my own manner). And which created the inspiration tunnel for this song to come. Together with my own experiences with pharmaceutical drugs. Pills can help, but if not put to action adequately… it is great Evil.



She was four foot three, and once had a smiling grace…

And she was only thirteen years old.

Her childhood spoiled with the blood of war,

They gave her drugs to kill, how evil can one be…

Like a zombie she marched in the fields,

Shooting at all in the wild,

No mercy in her eyes, the devil in her soul.

Her heart cold by western medicine,

She has become a murder machine,

A child in hell, in the Army of men,

Killing and torturin’ her next of kin.

One day she wakes,

Somewhere between the lakes,

She cries to the moon…

What, what have I done?

Scared for life…

No compensation…

She starts her…

Private investigation…

“I was just a innocent playing girl,

And then they drugged me to war,

Now they say I’m a war criminal.

Mother, forgive them, for they have done wrong,

The man’s too big,

The man’s too strong,

They are so often wrong…”