About Iwanjka

Who is Iwanjka?

“If you want to change the system, create a better… euhhh GOODer one”

Iwanjka was born in 1973 in Malawi, as a child from two Dutch development workers.

Iwanjka became ‘Master of Science’ (MsC) in the field of information engineering. He worked about 10 years in the banking sector and as self employed entrepreneur. In 2008 he got himself ‘Life Jammed’ (as he calls it himself). The mental care system labeled him with various mental disorders, ‘classical’ therapy followed…

Life jam and getting back on his feet…
After ‘hitting bottom as deep as you can’ (July 2008), he recovered in a way his therapists couldn’t understand. After two months he decided to leave the mental care system, as it seemed it made him only more hopeless and sick.  He traveled towards Biarritz, France. He met Philippe Broudin there, who invited him to come to Lanzarote. Lanzarote and ‘casa Nomandsland‘ as Iwanjka calls it, is one of his time sharing spots, especially in winter.

The beginning of a second life, so it seems. Since then he acts as both musician and social entrepreneur, he didn’t go back to the banking industry… until, until late 2017 the ‘Ziny’ was concepted. A ‘citizen councils & senseful currency’ – see this two slides. If you wish you can open an account already…

He wrote a book on the insane aspects of nowadays mental care system, and a more sound alternative [Diagnose Levensklem, Lifejam Diagnosis, not available in English yet].

Wondering on why so many people get jammed at all, he decided to give his fantasy a free ride to ‘look at the world as a white canvas, how would he repaint the world’? This led to a book named Novaglobe [Amazon] [Free online version]. In 2011 he co- organised a ‘Novaglobe changeposium’ at Ruigoord Amsterdam,  probably Netherlands most important artist free harbour. Also a delegate of the Club of Budapest attended (Johannes Heimrath). Earlier that year Iwanjka visited a Club of Budapest seminar. He handed over a manuscript of the Novaglobe book and a System jam music album to Ervin Laszlo. [Ervin Laszlo among others wrote a highly inspiring book named Chaos Point]. Which felt as a symbolic act…

In 2014 he wrote a book named Flowtowns [Dutch online version], describing a new type of social habitats / architecture. He is now doing research and social laboratory on a book named NewFamily, novAMORe and Emotude.

Iwanjka recorded various music albums: Mary’s Crysense [2009], Avalon’s Eavening [2010], Befree the System [2011]. Currently he is working on an album named Calling Mayqueen. Calling for the essence of femininity in our world. After thousands of years of male domination. In 2011 he joined a global Artists4Freedom gathering at Los Angeles, California [11-11-11 Global Freedom Concerts gathering, taking a stand against human trafficking and (young girls/boys) prostitution. See also this documentary on slavery in California].

Rock Climbing, marathons and fund- and attention raising
Iwanjka is a enthusiastic (rock) climber since his students time (and in his youth trees). It is part of his believe that being in nature, and doing this type of ‘gymnastics’ is both a healthy as a spiritual thing. His primary ‘achievement’ was the pursuit of ‘Cima Ovest’, graded with7c+, in Berdorf, Luxemburg. See this video (credits to Steven Voskuilen), if you like. Just after, he got a bit too enthusiastic, tried and 8a+, got injured, and couldn’t do ‘hard routes’ for two years. This gave a lesson not to over strain the body and tune to a vital level, suiting his body dynamics. He now aims to climb 7c/8a at his 60th birthday.;-) For Dutch people: I highly recommend to try it once, for instance at www.rocksteady.nl or www.montecervino.nl, and visit the beautiful Berdorf forest once! (also for walking).

The same inspiration goes for barefoot running, he started with shortly after his ‘crash’ in 2008. In 2010, after having been campaign leader for Dutch new party New Netherlands, he decided to do a marathon barefoot. [10-10-10 Eindhoven marathon]. He found this a better type of campaign than ‘classical politics’. After this followed four other barefoot marathons [Amsterdam 2011, Amersfoort 2012, The Hague 2016, Mont Ventoux 2016]. During the Amsterdam marathon he started a first fund raising campaign for War Child and the Children of Malawi, raising 1350 euro’s.

Realize Imagine Song | Socio-ecological Architecture and Transition