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Making a bridge to songs, and a tale on hope

As many of my books and songs are inspired on songs by others, I feel te wish to speak more on this subject especially. Otherwise many people won’t understand ‘what I am talking of’…

In the section below I describe some associations I have when listening to -mostly world known- songs. I let my fantasy develop freely. So, this is not about ‘science’. And I don’t feel the need to proof I am right. It is just imagination. And I let it up to the reader if it resonates, or not. Or partly.


Songs for me are not just ‘coincidence’ or meaningless. I feel singers can act as a medium to our collective conscious. Or as some call it, ‘earth dream’. Waiting to ‘pop’.


As our society seem to get more and more into a system jam, and Biblic End time and prophecies seem to become real, and passing the Maya ‘age’ (2012), maybe it is all near and might become true. Why not? 😉


I hope it makes you wonder! (as well).


Song quotes are bold



Importance of Living Love

John Lennon sings ‘love is the answer’. Jesus and other religious people speak about love as essence. But how to live love? I believe that living love is an answer to world’s major problems. Our economy reflects our social model. I see so much deprivation, hurt, children lost in divorces, people (both men and women) abusing each other. So much longing. So much individuals. So many people looking for new models. So, I believe, if we fix love abundance or more love, than another economy might follow. Which probably unfold also with living love-full to the earth. And avoids overpopulation. And consuming. Etcetera.

I tried living ‘poly amor’, I met quite some people with ‘open’ relations. But after some ‘relations’ where there was ‘sex’ and hurt after, I decided to stop having sex until I understood what was not good. Even though it seemed there was love and intimacy abundance. I started a sort of celibitaric period. In that period I woke up in the morning once with a female voice in my conscious saying ‘no sex before the marriage’. Strange: I was not ‘religious’, and I thought I got rid of all kinds of taboos. Than I realised I was started to live this principle ‘out of my own’: One of my newest ‘intimacy’ principles was that I did not want to have sex again before talking with that person about a possible child, even when using preservatives. And only if a possible child arrival felt good at both sides, there could be sex. Wow.

And at the same hand I tried to connect with Flowerpower and the ‘hippie’ spirit. Make love not war got ‘abused’ by having sex without conscious with ‘everyone’, turning this world in a sort of big orgy. Not being much better than the perverse symptoms (rapes, abuse, etc.) of suppressing religious systems of which the flowerpower was a reaction towards. The ‘hippies’ jumped back in ‘the grid’ experiencing that free love (translated as un senseful sexing around) did not work as well. I hope now it is the time of nuances, intimacy is not about having sex or not. There are all kinds of colours (rainbow) to be distinguished.  This manifest is about bringing both worlds together, and to remember the essence of the sacred marriage. And to helpt to bring love abundance for all. In a good sense. And than, I believe, many wars are over. And many mental and physical sicknesses. Maybe even this is what many prophecies are about. Time will tell.

and forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors”

And yes, this all is highly connected with our belief systems. Guilt creeped in. And shame. And feminine suppression. The good news is that the belief systems can just remain, and the religions. And that it is only about remembering and getting the essence back again of those belief systems. And let the institutions (power corrupts) dissolve. And as guilt disappears in the belief systems, it will disappear in our financial system. I hope and believe.  

We have time for this path. I think a path of transition of 50 years is fast. 100 years could be more realistic. Or 200… it took thousands of years for the nowadays belief systems and economic system to establish… so let’s take time to change it. However, mother earth had not that much time I feel. Thanks to the internet and growing conscious changes als can take place in some years… again, time will tell!



Before my ”life burnout’ in 2008 I tried to grasp the meaning of songs. Nothing came to me. After my ‘life restart’ in 2008 one song after another started to make sense and connections with ‘new world visions’ and ‘explanations’ which I was wondering about. And essences of songs started to connect and resonate with other songs. Sometimes giving me the feel I might be ‘lunatic (well, even the moon and the sun, and solar system connects with recent scientific things on quantum mechanics and so…;-)). Songs for me are expressions of the (collective) conscious. And many time written down like a medium passes messages. Part of this phenomenon -I guess- is that the singer or musician around it, are not the ones grasping (all) the essences of the song. That is a task for the listeners. And all the songs together hold an inner truth, keys, from a ‘dream’ world, waiting to come true. Maybe one day scientists will find out that ‘words’ are ‘resonance’ points in the ‘Akasha field’, gates to knowledge and conscious. Which explains the wonderful con-incidentic words sounds connections… how come Bible sounds like Bable (Babylonic verwarring). How come ‘Belief’ in English is like ‘Be’ ‘Kind’ (lief in Dutch)? And so many other interlanguage coincidences? We’ll see.


The associations below are totally not scientifically based. And I do not strive to proof anything. They are free associations by me, combined with fantasies, desires, experiences, and yes also ratio. Which for me more and more seem to make sense;-)


A special ‘thank you’ for Marije, the with-me primary life-travel accompagnonship. She dared to step in to a close cohesion with me, a ship we call relation. Even knowing about my ‘poly amorous’ adventures in the past, and ‘crazy’ and sometimes ‘cynic’ world visions. She opened her heart in January 2018, when I came back from Lanzarote in a sort of semi-eufor state ‘Iwanjka, I do not see the things in songs you see, I miss the connection with where you are’. This inspired me to write down in more detail what I saw in which song, and how it felt to relate to the concepts ‘NewFamily, NovAMORe, and Emotude’, on which I wrote a short manifest on at during my two weeks stay at the Islands,. And were I made numerous links to songs, which felt for me already so logically. To connect with. Probably without  making a more detailed mapping, I would not reach many potential readers.


Italic are comments by Iwanjka | Song titles are underlined | Song quotes are bold


The Ring, Marriage and Promises

U2 All I want is you & Mamas and Papas Californian Dreaming song


U2 All I want is you song

“You want rings of gold” …

“All the promises we make, made… break” …

A clear message: we make all kinds of promises, which we in the end cannot maintain. And in essence making a promise for me is like stealing from the cosmos, and if you name it god, so we steal from god. The future is not ours to see, qui sera, sera.

And… we do not need promises to remain together in a healthy way.

All I want is you… expresses a desire for only wanting contact and presence of the other. No promises needed. No gold needed. No rings needed. And for me the ‘I’ desires contact with ‘the all’, which we started to ‘iconize’ in one person (partner, or sometimes a mother, father, child, dog, cat…). But I feel we make contact to the ‘all’ (god) via all things and beings around. Via all of our senses. So, for all of us our challenge is to organize a ‘cloud’ of ‘cohesion’ of beings and things which are good for us. And coming and go of things and beings is life. Flow. Not saying that there can be relations which will linger until you both die. I feel quite some relations around me from which I have the intention they’ll last ‘for ever’.


Mama and the Papa’s Californian dreaming song

As a guitar player and singer, I tried already quite some songs which were about ‘California’. California dreaming, Hotel California and more recently Calfornication. Hollywood and Los Angeles speak to our collective imagination. Stars are made there. But it is also the mecca of ‘fakeness’. I have slept in a park in Hollywood. Under the sky. Looking at a big NBC building. Walking the ‘wall of fame’ (which I find is a very blunt street). Just after my ‘life restart’ in 2008, I went to Biarritz, France. Watched the surfers at cote Basque. And I felt the strong urge to download the ‘Good Vibrations’ song by the beach boys. Listened to it I guess 100 times. It connected for me with Californian dreaming. Beaches. Unguilty contact and love. Free encounters. In that stage the word ‘freelations’ came into my conscious. And later in this same context, but I remember re-singing U2 songs, at Lanzarote I had a talk on rings and marriage at Teguise, Lanzarote. Where a lady told me: “Iwanjka, at Avalon a man and woman give each other a ring to set eachother free”. Which made me wonder on the word ‘free’, because a certain connection feels good for me as well. Sustainability (if you might be ready with the ‘adventure relations’ (one time experiences)).

“The preacher likes the cold, he wants me to stay”

Cold religious institutes benefitted form saying to people that they are the only ones who have permission to declare a bond between a man and woman. And that this should not change. In such people stay in the power / reach of these institutions. And until a certain extent it also feeds our own desires of ‘being safe’ (my man / woman will always stay with me). But this is a false security. And might give ‘grey people’ in the long run, not anymore being whole. But identifying themselves as a ‘tuple’ (pair). What happens if one deceases? How do you keep on developing your self? Etc. Being completely ‘loose’ at the other hand is also not the answer. But a binary relation model ‘now we are a couple’ or ‘now we break up’ gives a battlefield. Time for a new relational lexicon. Maybe. For those who want to try. No push. And, living a different ‘coloured’ relations model with children care taking is I think one of the most challenging quest for humankind in the time to come.


California – Californication…

California as a word intrigued me. I felt there should be some essence in there, where does the word come from (not being the classical linguistic tale). After a lot of googling and asking people a association which I liked came up: Cali = greek for ‘good’. Fornicate = ‘voluntary intercourse before the marriage, associated with not being good’. So ‘Cali Fornicate’ makes Good intercourse (before?) the marriage.
For me intercourse is any kind of interaction, physical or not physical with anybody. So, songs expressing california for me are about our desire for (more – abundance) intercourses, bur in the good sense (many intercourses end up in hurt, or orphans, or hurt children, so in the end could be seen as ‘fornication’). And ‘marriage’ is a ritual to take care for the potential unborn child. Which we seem -I was- to be forgotten in this world of porn. And preservatives: Let’s have sex, we use a preservative, so it is like playing no? In that sense preservatives have done a lot of damage as well. They made us ignoring old wisdom (Tao – 7 levels of intimacy, christian marriage, etc) on sex.

For me, this was not ‘they answer’, I felt ‘there must be more’… that is why I started wondering on ‘layers of intimacy’ and explore intimate intercourses not being sex… wow! What a world did open. But, I also noticed that I did not have the expression power to tune up with a partner on this, and mostly it ended up in hurt again (“a don’t you want me feel” with the other). Note: I didn’t know about the ‘7 layers of intimacy’ of the Tao, when I started ‘developing’ my own ‘novamoric’ model (yellow – hug, red – children conceiving actions, pink – all in between). This might be good, in such the design was more on a ‘free’ or ‘ratio’ and ‘feeling’ basis, ported to our century, instead of influenced by already existing models of thousands years old, which hold important wisdom off course.  


A nice coincidence, while wondering on orphans in Malawi, and thinking about combinations of SOS children villages, flowtowns and ecovillages…. Mamas Papas towns came into my imagination (I asked a care taking mother in a SOS village ‘where are the papas’?). Californian Dreaming by the Mamas and Papas gives a senseful translation into:


Californian Dreaming by the Mamas and Papas

Dreaming of sense full intercourse by the Mamas and Papas (the mamas and papas showing the newborn how to life a live of good intercourse, not creating millions of orphans and HIV transmission…) (Yellow and Pink intimacy intercourse does not give HIV transmission. An average Malawian man – I was told- has more than 100 sexual different partners in his life. Imagine what happens if we can change this habit into say 1 to 5 different red intimacy intercourse partners and 95 pink intimacy partners (which still could give a satisfactory intimacy abundance, but hardly any new orphans and HIV transmission?).


Madonna Frozen song

“Love is a bird”

Imagine a man and woman in a ‘relation’. They both sit in in the cage on a branch. I started to realise that two birds (a male and female) start to pick each other in a cage. That is exactly what happens in many relations in which there is not enough breathing space. I think, feel.


Level42 Lessons in love songs

“All the dreams that we were building
We never fulfilled them…
Could be better, should be better
For lessons in love”
For me this song expresses that there might be a ‘different world possible’, about which we dream of. Or fantasize about. And that in ‘each’ experience in intimacy and love lies a lesson, waiting to be learned and seen. And if we do so, we ‘wake up’ from that dream. And start to live that dream (for me this is an inspiration for a song ‘I wrote’, named ‘Dreamalive’).


P!nk – What about us song

It’s the start of us, waking up, come on
Are you ready? I’ll be ready

Makes a resonance with ‘waking up’ like in the lessons in love song. And the ‘ark’ (see below). And quite some other songs…


Gerry Rafferty – The Ark

See the dark night has come down on us
The world is livin’ in its dream
But now we know that we can wake up from this sleep
And set out on the journey
Find a ship to take us on the way.

In quite some tales and legends (and also religious books) a concept like ‘darkness falling over the world’ is foreseen. Which brings a change (Maya time, Aquarius age, Bibic enc time, etc.). Via ‘turning’ our dreamlife into reality, we can find our pathe into ‘the promised land on earth’. I feel this is both a collective journey as an individual path: maybe there are numerous universes, and is ‘a bit more hell’ or ‘a bit more heaven’ directly manifested the next day you wake. Documentaries like ‘What the bleep do we know’ gives me this feeling / image. Actually I like this idea: direct karma – reality effect. In a ‘continuously manner’ instead of -again- as sort of binary hell / heaven model after the living life. Or ‘enleightment’ like the Buddhist teaching seem to mention for (which for me seem to have a contrast with ‘the path is the goal’). Interesting to mention that on the same album (City 2 city) a very popular son Bakerstreet gives a clear clue on our nowadays ‘city’ concept (… has got no soul), and a possible ‘new age’ political model (a global mantle of city to city connections). Talking about ‘cities’: The U2 song ‘where the streets have no name’ seem also to give a clue on the ‘deadly’ nowadays social architecture in cities. And the song ‘Starship – we built this city’. More on these songs later.


P!ink – What about us song

… Just give me a reason, just a little bit’s enough
Just a second we’re not broken just bent, and we can learn to love again
It’s in the stars, it’s been written in the scars on our hearts
We’re not broken just bent, and we can learn to love again…

We’re not broken, just bent… for me this a additional motivation to start exploring a ‘non binary’ emotional-intimacy language: Use ‘my heart is damaged’ instead of the ‘binary’ ‘broken’. Words could be reality manifesters, so watch carefully which words you use, they’ll influence yours (and the others) reality.


Nhako bear – Medicine for the people songs

Do you speak to me like you speak to God?

For me, reading the lyrics is one clear reflection and analysis of nowadays society. On both ‘dark religious institutions’ trying to make believe that god is not in you, me, us. And the ‘iconomy’ (economic) system (like ‘The sound of silence’ (Simon – Garfunkel) is also a clear example, but which I didn’t see through many years…


All about the money – Meja

Freed from Desire – Gala

Both clear songs. My love has got no money, but has got his strong beliefs. In nowadays world having money seems more important than strong believes, and living principles. For everybody a call to think and feel about, and maybe evaluate yearly: where are you no on this aspect, and where do you want to be in 30 years. And next year?

Freed from desire: I feel this is about ‘wanting to have’ desire. And not ‘desire’ in general, for me ‘wanting’ in general is a good thing, without wanting life is senseless I feel.


Imagine song – John Lennon

Whys is it, that I think one year ago I heart this song ended up on ‘number one’ in a top 1000 all times? What makes this simple song so popular? Hundreds of millions of people must like it. Sing it. Sing about ‘imagine no religion’. ‘Imagine no possession’. ‘Imagine no borders’. And do we live it? Is it a primary focus of political parties? (No). That is strange. But we can change it… I hope political program makes get inspired and just add these three simple bakens in their programs. And we can ‘set out on that journey’ (The Ark Song earlier, Gerry Rafferty). In 2008, just after I felt I was finding my own voice, I started resinging the Imagine song. For some reason I replaced ‘imagine’ by ‘realising’ (after imagination, a next phase comes: realization). And I replaced ‘you may say I am a dreamer, I hope one day you’ll join us’ by ‘you will say I was a realist, than, and only a few remain dreaming’. Not knowing I would write this manifest 10 years later…


On the turning away song – Pink Floyd

On the turning away
From the pale and downtrodden

Is just a case of others’ suffering

Where the speechless unite
In a silent accord
Using words you will find are strange

A song I listened to many times… ‘is just a case of others suffering’: I believe there is a reciprocal effect of bad deeds done to living things, and how these reflect on us. It sounds strange, but for instance killing animals for its meat (unnecessary) could cause a war between people (slaughtering each other) elsewhere.  

‘Where the speechless unite’: the ones which did not feel the call to be ‘visible’ are finding their vocale. Daring to step on the stage. And start to express their visions, finally understanding that the one screaming the loudest mostly are not the wisest… and using words you will find a strange… Words as said earlier form creators of the universe. Old words created nowadays world, so we want new words to create a new universe.


Sorrow – Pink Floyd

A man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers

He’s haunted by the memory of a lost paradise
In his youth or a dream, he can’t be precise
He’s chained forever to a world that’s departed

One world, one soul

Of promises broken

As from my research after my 2008 burnout and ‘treatment’ by the Dutch mental care system, I came to notice many ‘bad things’ in society have a ‘male’ element in it. More than 2000 years of male domination. I even read in a book (Sexual Politics, Kate Miller) that Freudian views on mental issues got popular via women suppressing forces in the USA and via that I guess giving a bias in nowadays pharmaceutical-psychiatric system. Or consider the banking-businesess system, focused on material gain, competition, suppression, etc. It feels ‘male oriented’, and not the more ‘just want to live in harmony with the children / together’ feminine side. And the male side is not ‘to blame’ either: it did not understand (yet). This song is about the ‘male conscious’ realizing what he did. And the longing for that ‘other world’… made to many ‘strong words’ (promises) which were lies already at the moment of speaking… So here as well, making as step into a more nuanced world of non binary (yes / no ‘promise!’) words form a key. Intention and probability of chance will do. And… I think it is high time male and feminine side start (or do it more) to see what their part was in history, confess it without guilt to the other, and restart building a next phase in our society, using our talents…



Madonna (let’s not forget she is also a human, once named Louise I read), is one of the most inspiring singers for me. Which seems to be a bit strange to many fellow men. Again, before my ‘crash’ in 2008 I saw her songs mainly as just a bit popular girls songs. Especially not having any deeper many, just commercial. How wrong I was. After my ‘re opening’ in 2008… I listened many, many times… and each time a new part of information pops up almost, which I did not notice before. Her songs feel like an ultimate expression of the feminine side or ‘goddess’ (not saying she is a goddess, well she is, but so is every woman for me).


What I what to emphasize is that almost every song on the world is about love, relations etc. But that her songs are not about what I – sorry – started to name ‘necro-romantice’ (dead romantics, not living romantics). I did study romanticism, and i learned it was inspired on nature. Well, if there is something which is not static, nor binary, nor black and white, than it is nature… And her songs are not about ‘promise me to stay with me’, or ‘I will always be with you’, etc. And in such I learned a lot, I would almost say that the NovAMORe concepts maybe would not have been concepted without these songs. However, I tend to believe or want to believe that no person is irreplaceable in the ‘great quest’: if one person does not brings to the world what he or she could bring, than inspiration will find another way…. And yes, I confess, she does not seem to live like what she sings about, or has managed to live it (she is also locked into the world of Hollywood, glitter and glamour, music industry, big money, why did she marry three times, etc.). At least she sings about ‘that other world which we could manifest… ‘, and inspires many, many people…


Madonna – Frozen song

You are frozen when your heart is not open

Clear lyrics… the more our hearts are open, the more we can live together joyfully. We all hold keys into to ‘promised land’ (which is a strange thing for me to write, because I said earlier ‘promise’ is not a good thing. In depends how one uses ‘pro-mise’, it can also be read als a combination of ‘pro’ (to) and ‘mettre’ (french for take, or maybe focus). In that sense this word means ‘aimed for’ (and not a binary / locked situation). And than ‘promised land’ can be translated as ‘the land we aim for’. Heaven. And Heaven I like to read as ‘have-non’. I noticed that the English word ‘have’ has two negative aspects in it at once (in Dutch you need to words for this): 1. To do something in a pressed manner, and 2. Possession. Have-non expresses a strong ‘living valued’ for me: Work and live in unpressed commitment, and strive to live not-possessed by possession (which can be realised by replacing possession by guardianship). Some words on ‘key’: In French ‘key’ is ‘cle’. I once felt intrigued by the word ‘Miracle’. I got inspired to sing a song named ‘eyes into the promised land’ (because I felt fascinated by the beauty of eye-contact). Eyes are known to be the connection to the soul directly, so we look in each others souls… or mouth speaks words, but our eyes are already having a totally different intercourse maybe… so intimate already. And I started to feel that in eye-contact, I see myself reflected in combination with the others essence (soul). And that via that miracles / wonders also might get inspired ot manifested, or hold bakens for us. Reflecting in French is a mirror (or mirror in English). Mira-Cle. In the relfection lies a key to wonders and miracles. If we are open to see, and let the other see right through us. An open heart for me is more than the ‘pumping organ’, ‘heart’ for me is your ‘kernel’ your essence… How open are you, and are you living in a setting where your surrounding inspires you to be open, and feels safe to open up? And how was your history on this, in your youth for example? Back to this song: for me a strong call to focus on how we can safeguard our youth to keep the open hearts they were born with… And, or, undo so much hurt done to many… hurt can give harnesses, harnesses can give zombie like people… and a soul-less society. We can undo the damage done, already only by starting to notice it.


Madonna – Die another day

I’m gonna wake up, yes and no

Sigmund Freud

Analyze this

Analyze this

For me giving expression to our ability to dye (paint) another day. We are partly creators ourselves. Together with cosmic blue print lines, and the other souls around us. I feel. Sometimes words have two meaning, the word ‘die’ is often used in songs, and I often felt that ‘dye’ gave a more nice reality, and often fits in perfectly…;-)

And a blink to Sigmund Freud… I think, feel, Sigmund Freud had a big desire for female intimacy. Had his own frustrations. And his intelligence created all kinds of complex views on human behavior. With very important view points. But also ‘mixed up’ parts, which were expressions of his own demons. And an expression of a society which did not facilitate a living love social model. And even suppressed it.

I am gonna wake up yes and no. Many ‘spiritual people’ strive for ‘enlightenment’ and ‘waking up’. Making it a binary thing again. I believe we are always both enlightened and not. Woken up and not. Or more awake than we were. Or getting more wholy. And this will remain so our whole life span on earth. Striving to get more wholy and happy, and give sense to our existence and that of others. That is were it is all about for me. Simple as that.


Madonna Holidays song

Everybody spread the word
We’re gonna have a celebration
All across the world
In every nation
It’s time for the good times
Forget about the bad times, oh yeah
One day to come together
To release the pressure
We need a holiday

Such a simple lyric about ‘holiday’. I have been wondering on that ‘holiday’ word. I like the translation to wholy days. As we can whole ourselves, we can whole (heal) our days. Our life. So this is not about ‘one escape’ out of a stress full life. This song for me is about creating a different reality. And make that wholy days ‘normal’. And yes, we can do that I believe. Therefore we want a different economy, and all kinds of systems, that is what the Novaglobe book is about. It is all connect: our emotional and relational being, and our ecological / systems structure. And our habitats. More on our habitas at the Madonna Love Profusion song.


Madonna  Express yourself song

[… more follows]


Madonna Vogue song

[… more follows]


Madonna Love profusion

A song which started to ‘ring my bells’ only as from 2018.

There is so much isolation

Our society seems social. Our cities seem to be social (there are a lot of people, sort of living together). Or economy seems social. Our relation and family structures seem social.

But why is there so much deprivation? Economy is more like the mama’s and papa’s going to work, and starting to shoot at each other. The companies being the new armies. The shops being the battle ground. The stock exchange being one big soldiers and weapons exchange.  

Madonna also sang a song named ‘ghost town’. Gerry Rafferty sings in Bakerstreet about desert cities, with no soul. U2 sings about cities I feel I want to tear down the walls (which isolate us from the other).

Thinking about our habitat system, and walking around in Dutch newly created city parts, house after house, fences and walls around gardens I get so chilly inside… so much chill.

Already in 2010 I got inspired by a new word Flowtowns which stands for habitats where there is a focus on communal living. But without making the ‘error’ again to get stuck in a promise of ‘we promise to remain a group, etc.’ (old school marriage model). I had and have dreams of ‘art cities’ with a lot of colours and expression. And people building houses together. Giving soul to them. Debtless homes (debt and a mortgages kills the soul of a home I feel, or at least gives a huge burden). And… even in the liberated Holland I started to realise that dark and cold religious systems managed to even without them doing it, making us ourselves separating. Our society: making houses in which we can not share the care for children, the sick or elderly. Where it is very difficult to exchange to places where it is better for us (mortgages, ten years waiting queues for a  house). Etc. And we created a algorithm which takes care that people not knowing each other and having no affinity start to live next to each other. Well, this evolved. But how stupid it feel to me. Far more logical and human: Make sure that people can tune up constantly and people liking each other can live with each other. This is also possible, though it will take some time: Make areas in cities where moving around and exchanging places is part if the habitat-system. I feel this will solve many problems: Many mental and physical illnesses, problems with caretaking of elderly which is no money for, sharing of goods manifesting a share-conomy (and thus creating an economy which is in ecobalance with climate and nature).


There is so much isolation

There is so much confusement

And: I did not know the word ‘profusion’. It is ‘abundance’. Love abundance. The word ‘novAMORe’ has been designed on having ‘more love’ in it. In Dutch it resonates with ‘liefdesmeer’ (a lake full of love). Love abundance for all.


U2 – Where the streets have no name song

The U2 video clip was recorded on a roof in LA. Giving a shake up to authorities (‘city fathers’) because they were afraid of thousands of people coming together. An ultimate expression of the craziness in cities and the ‘hypocrisy’ of LA / Hollywood. And how the walls (between houses) keep people apart. Separation. Isolation. And keep us out of the sun (think of multi layer buildings taking all the sun). A wider fantasy… I have to dreams and visions of flowtowns based cities, were actually the streets don’t have names. Because the habitats have an organic geometry and names. And know a geo-location (UPS) is enough to find them and navigate towards them. And maybe (a far stretched fantasy) people start to make these kind of model cities on a dessert plane. Africa, Ethiopia maybe? Or more desserts turning into villages and green? (We build this city, Starship, for me resonates with this. Maybe a nice adventure for pop artists all over the world… and us a part of there revenue’s to create this ‘lovecity’, a freelief town… Showing the world in is possible. Leading me to the opening text of the Zeitgeist moving forward documentary (Peter Joseph) ‘Artists have the ability to show the world it is adaptable’. For people who watched it, and saw the Venus Project (Jacques Fresco), yes lets include technology. But keep on focusing on soulful creations if possible. And bring in nature (as described in the Anastasia books).

I wanna run, I want to hide
I wanna tear down the walls
That hold me inside.

I wanna feel sunlight on my face.

From the poison rain

We’re still building and burning down love
Burning down love.
And when I go there
I go there with you

The city’s a flood, and our love turns to rust.
We’re beaten and blown by the wind
Trampled in dust.
I’ll show you a place
High on a desert plain

Colors – Donovan song

My mother sang this song many times, when I was a child, she played the guitar as well… It seems such a simple song. A first ‘revelation’ was about the concept of freedom. In Holland there are various political parties with the word ‘freedom’ (Vrijheid) in their name. I started to wonder: Do they define freedom? And how do people define freedom? Is freedom ‘I can do what I want’? Imagine a world without other people, knowing there will be never again any-one, but you can do what you want, all is yours, is that ultimate freedom? (I would die in some weeks I guess). Rudolf Steiner wrote a book on freedom. Sorry to say, I could not read it. I tried,  from the beginning, from the end, from the middle. Though I like the anthroposophical viewpoint of including nature, and that everything has a soul. And that soul – imagination brings creation. But why so many books and words to express this? And where is the feeling and love in all those words? What about intimacy and relations? Than that song of Donovan, Johannes, a eldery troubadour sang it once in during a flowcamp in nature. I asked to resing it, because I got fascinated by the last sentence (due to having many conversations with Johannes brother Robert Jan, on Steiner, economics, freedom, etc.).

Freedom is a word I seldom use, without thinking about the times I’d been loved

At a sudden an essence hit me like bomb: The concept of freedom has no use, if you don’t feel love or loved. So love, is crucial to make freedom. Or better a free feeling. Freedom is primary a sensation. Not ‘a thing’, which many politicians make of it, and start their populastic games. The freedom ‘they´ propegate is a ‘freedom allone’ often based on material gain, and exclusion of the other. Well, we need the other to create our ‘playing field’ and welfare. And the other can not carry is, if we don’t express ourselves and the other is not capable to read our expression, or able to give (gunnen – English word error, does not exist). [Madonna – Express your Self song]


Than this song is about colours and love, or maybe lovers and different aspects of love, or lovers. More on this at the wither shade of pale song procol Harum.


Procol Harum – Wither shade of pale

Again a song which seems to be about ‘nothing’. Only as from 2017 I started to listen to this song more often. It attracted me. And many people. The flower power feel. The dreamish feel it gives me. Longing. Desire…

Maybe good to mention: I graduated as Master of Science in the field of Communication Protocols. So, in that sense it is not strange I started to say ‘Hey, that is a Protocol Harem’ song! And already in – I guess it was 2011 or 2012- I had a free talk in a guest house in Seville (Spain)  with a girl from – I guess it was Canada-. I think we were talking about relations, and a more free sense in that. I guess I said something like, ‘Imagine that we all could define our own harem, and that the people in that harem could to the same?’? I think her eyes started to blink, and she said ‘Owww, I would like to have my own harem!’. I guess a said ‘Ahh, can I be in there?’;-) Nothing happened further regarding physical intimacy, but our souls I guess contributed in bring a new concept to the world: A Reciprocal Harem.

And than when I worked on the NovAMORe manifest at lanzarote, during and around solstice, I started to listen better to the lyrics.

There are sixteen virgins in there. And a man ‘who could not see’ (think about the sorrow song by Pink Floyd earlier). We live in paradise (also a Phill Collins song). I we could see.

Virgin is a concept which also keeps us busy in our legends. Virgin stands for a woman not having sex (yet). And men very eager to be the first ‘to catch her’. In quite some cultures there are thinkings that by having sex with a virgin special powers come to you. Resulting in bad deeds by men…


And there is that ‘Like a virgin‘ song by Madonna, ‘make me shiny and new‘, that song I started to like a lot, and I also felt that by having intercourses with different people, I -and hopefully the other- got reloaded. Prana energy. I still belief that, but as said earlier: Poly amor living should not become ‘screwing each other’ (and not respecting the potential unborn child). We, or at least I, want a different intercourse model.


There is another thing about virgins. Dracula’s and vampires. They need blood of a virgin to enlarge their vitality. I think there has been recently produced a movie named ‘the good vampire’ (for children). I wondered on what this ‘legend’ has as a message for humanity. So, we can have bad vampires (they cannot stand the light, and kill their victims) and a good form of vampirism. Maybe, at least I like this idea: A good form of vampirism is that we gain from a virgin state of the other. But in a esoteric fashion (not drinking physical blood).


In such the  message is: try to get your self as much in a ‘virgin’ state of being. And feed other with it in a good sense. In good intercourse. Bad intercourse is sucking too long each others energy, without renewal (I wouldn’t be surprised it even all kinds of ‘elderly diseases’ are related to this). I explicitly do not talk about sex here. I now think having sex (or red intimacy) should only be exchanged with a hand full of partners at max. during a lifespan.


So this could explain the ‘virgin’ in the Procol Harum song. And, the one getting ‘pale’ is the feminine side, the goddess, or Maria, whatever we call her. The man is only interested in drinking alcohol and gambling. And so, they both fade a way, to not manifeste paradise.


We skipped the light fandango
Fandango is a typical couples dance.


When we called out for another drink
that her face, at first just ghostly,
turned a whiter shade of pale
She said, ‘There is no reason
and the truth is plain to see.’

Man, if you open the eyes, there is abundance…

But I wandered through my playing cards

The man prefers gambling and material gain, not seeing the potential of female contact at his side.

and would not let her be
one of sixteen vestal virgins

There is the sentence on virgins… and more than one, harem desire?

who were leaving for the coast
and although my eyes were open
they might have just as well’ve been closed
She said, ‘I’m home on shore leave,’
though in truth we were at sea

And this song brought me to the concept of a ‘Protocol Harem for Organizing Social Intercourse on a more Healthy Manner’.


The already defined colour model (Yellow, Pink, Red) -which I later related to the coulours song of Donovan as well- got combined with the Protocol Harem. We can talk and communicate about our desires. I experienced such a relief in my ‘poly amoric’ phase that I just could say to a woman: I find you highly attractive, would you like to sleep together? Later I did experiments with ‘long hug’ (inspired on free hug events): Sleeping together, not having sex. Wow! What a world opens… but also this was often not understood well, or the sooner of later sex came, of if no sex came there was a feeling or rejection. Hurt again. So that is why I feel we need a clear love language. Or, what also happened, male friends around me started to ‘dive’ on the women ‘I was with’ ‘You are poly amoric, so she must be too, and you wouldn’t mind if… do you?’, not taking notice of my feelings. I cannot and do not blame them. It only makes clear to me, that I must be more clear on my feelings and relation status (or multiple). That bring me to the Ring. One of the good essences on rings it that it gives clarity and peace (until a certain extent). You know: Ok, I feel attraction to that person, but there is a relation already with somebody else, which I should respect. Or at least be considerate with. This aspect of clarity I feel is crucial to make the step towards a multiple people intercourse model How we are going to do this, is a next step. Maybe tools like Facebook will start to facilitating it, and make a clear social graph of the ‘intimacy clouds’ around people visible. We’ll see. Experimentation phase. The most important thing: Check, check double check with the people involved, and the people you know who are on ‘the rader’ around some-one. Treat someone if as you want to be treated. If you know a man or woman is or was intimate or closely related, tune up with that person, before coming closer. Otherwise this will happen to you too (it happened to mee, the woman saying ‘No the relation is over, but I could not see this was the feeling of the man concerning it’. I followed my ‘lust’ and ‘well she says it is alright’, neglecting my own observation power. Now I know better (a week later I got the pain I gave to that other man, cosmos works reciprocal, and gave me a bit of hell just after experiencing -almost- heaven).  My lesson: Intimacy can wait (Alright song essence – Free).


Avamarriage: I got inspired by that tale that at Avalon an man and woman give each other a ring to set eachother free (the opposite of what many people do now so it seems). But it is not the opposite if we define ‘free’ as ‘carry the other to the maximum happiness’ (even meaning to facilitate the other to remain and regain virgin state, which can mean being intimate with others… aaucchh thinking about this, and my dear one, can I live this? It feels to scary… Safety feels like a main basis. And knowing that you are wholy on your own. And that, if a dear one widens (don’t breaks up!), you know it does not mean ‘forever’. And that probably a good experience for you is in the air for you too… Making you shining again. But, yes, it is scary. For me an very important feeling is that people remain free, and approachable, even if they ‘get related’. Do you recognise the feeling when you are ‘single’ and have an eye on some-one, and you here ‘that boy/girl’ has a new boyfriend… Auchhh! Not available anymore for me… and I should be happy for them. I don’t want to be in that world (anymore). If you know your dear ones intend to remain free and approachable, you don’t have to be afraid to lose somebody, because you can’t. That is one of the reasons I got inspired by Amazones: Free women… (and men?).  


So, Avamarriage is an ongoing (at least yearly) ritual between people. Marriage in essence -I read- has to do with a focus on receiving and care taking of children. So it is related to ‘have done’ before having red intimacy. And also concerns the circle around the two people involved, because care taking of children is not a thing of two persons… family (both biological and non-biological). A nice thing about the avamarriage ritual is that it undoes promises ones done. It does not know about ‘binary’ promises. It knows only about ‘pro mettre’ (in Ducth: voorneme). Strong intention, or aim. To remain together. And also in which kind of covenant. In this ritual you speak from the heart and listen with the heart.


I can imagine that, if there are more people involved, and especially if intimacy levels are growing towards red (there is also light-red, sex with preservatives). This avamarriage ritual could be done with the other involved. And only it there is a -long term- knowledge of each other, and there is a feeling that if a child might come, that it is good, there is red intimacy. This also implies that the persons concerning it tune up with a location where children which might be there already life (this can also be semi-nomadic).


After having this visions on a reciprocal protocol harem, and thinking about pink intimacy (and also there, there is light and deep pink… which sounds like deep purple).


Having talks on music and bands with a new house compagnon Marieke, we came to that deep purple song, child in time. I took a closer look to the lyrics…

Sweet child in time, you’ll see the line
Line that’s drawn between the good and the bad
See the blind man shooting at the world
Bullets flying, ooh taking toll
If you’ve been bad – Oh Lord I bet you have
And you’ve not been hit oh by flying lead
You’d better close your eyes, aahaouho bow your head
Wait for the ricochet

One layer of this song is that it is about male violence… (bullets). I started to relate it to ‘bad sex’: A blind man ‘putting its sperm’ into a woman, without taking notice of possible consequence. Not being conscious about that soul, which could potential incarnate…


A ricochet can be seen as ‘consequence’ (or reflection)… take a look at the 1 million out of 12 million people mainly AIDS infected orphans in Malawi, Africa. Can we get a more clear mirror on that we -also in the West- have mainly ‘bad’ sexual conduct? Which in addition keeps us away to a more ‘prana’ and ‘virgin’ energetic way of living… and which gives over population, being the main threat of nature, earth and humankind.


Than I noticed that there are two other songs by men concerning ‘purple’. One by Prince Purple Rain Not I would not steal you from another man and Purple Haze (Jimmy Hendrix).  Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me

The Purple Haze song gives me the feeling of a man, having sex, with too many girls, but getting confused. Imagine what it does to our soul if we have sex with so many different people, each time doing a thing which could result in a child… creating so many invisible energy lines with those potential child souls and women… in Tao it is said that after sex, there is a energetic chord which remain there at least for four years…

And Prince… feeling desire for contact with a woman… but also split up in respect to that other man. And getting tore in this ‘why cannot it be’. Which bring to mind the ‘Part time lover’ song by Stevie Wonder: Imagine we can have our livehood relation(s) base. But also have the opportunity to take of for a week of weekend with another person. If there is good understanding. And new steps in intimacy are made one by one, taking a month at least each. Which makes it possible to tune in this, consider feelings at fore hand… An interesting concept. Once I said: really wishing from you heart that your most dear one experiences love and intimacy with another most dear one, is maybe a greatest expression of love. I don’t know if I can live this… I hope I can.

An ongoing blessing principle, being together with them, looking them in the eyes, before moving into a next step of intimacy… in such my feelings get recognized and considered. And I can say ‘no, this does not feel good’. This might give desires safety… and reminds me of the Level42 song… all the dreams… but never fulfilled them. This could be one of those.


And then we head into…


Future Lovers – Madonna song
I’m gonna tell you about love
Let’s forget your life
forget your problems
Administration, bills and loans
Come with me

I’m gonna tell you about love
Would you like to try


There is also a song ‘Last years men’ by Leonard Cohen… telling us about ‘Lovers will rise up, and the wilderness is gathering its children back again…’. For me I hear each time in this song Jesus saying ‘for a drama I never meant’, in that song. Institutions made a sort of industry of peoples love and relations. Divine Spirit did not intend this. A result of two thousand years male domination and leadership. Last years man. Time for the feminine power and talent (also in men) to take a lead role. And bring goodness back again.


Heart of gold – Neil Young song

[… more follows later]


Stairway to heaven – Led Zeppelin

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Exodus – Bob Marley


Realize Imagine Song | Socio-ecological Architecture and Transition