As Musician

Iwanjka recorded various music albums: Mary’s Crysense [2009], Avalon’s Eavening [2010], Befree the System [2011]. Currently he is working on an album named Calling Mayqueen.

Availability  of the music is limited. The reason a focus on writing books, an establishing a book cooperation and being part of organising various flowtowns social laboratory and gatherings.

Two more snapshots:

Chidragon theme

Iwanjka plays electrical guitar, in a typical spacy manner… 

And a sample recording of the Changers Song
A song he composed as an answer of all people saying to him:

‘But you don’t think you can change the world, do you?’ 

Note: this song was recorded one day after the 10-10-10 Eindhoven Barefoot Marathon. Recording was done at he Powerflower Studio’s Nijkerk, at his mothers living domain. The studio actually is a barn in the middle of nature and flowers….