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Calling Mayqueen sung at ‘Gluren bij de buren’ living room festival 2019 (a more enriched version of this ‘mini concert’ follows after the Malawi journey.

I started playing guitar at the age of 16. But decided to sing my own tune and play my own rhythm after my persona ‘system break down’ in 2008. Since then also creating songs came into my reach. On this page I will publish the songs from the Calling Mayqueen songs collection.  This whole collection is devoted to my personal longings, and or global transition. Making the quantum leap upwards. The mayqueen refers to the one bringing springtime, you’ll find the Mayqueen also in the world known Stairway to Heaven song by Led Zeppelin. It feels like time that the world makes space for more feminine influences, in al of it’s ecological sub domains: Money system, School system, Political system, Housing / living architecture, etc.

Via this link Youtube opens with the whole Calling Mayqueen songs collection. In such you can browse through them (clicking ‘next’ etc.).

Within time (it takes some effort), all lyrics and direct links to songs will be available on this page.



And you feel so vulnerable
In this world hold on
And you feel so frightened
In this world hold on
And there ain’t no logic
for what you are feeling in your soul
You are jammed,  In this world
You are jammed, In your soul.



And our leaders they say, We should work hard
Till you are 60 years old, 70 years old, 80 years old, 90 years old, Till you are dead and gone
Systemjam, systemjam, systemjam
And you feel so frightened in your soul
Take a look at the banks,Take a look at  the lawyers, Take at look at the schools
They a look at the multinationals too…
They are bad company for you and me,
So let’s go, let’s leave this system..
Let’s befree the system, Let’s go, let’s move,

Back to the nature you and me…
Beefree…, be free, befree…