Eating meat might kill you


Around Christmas 2017… I do my work during a journey, often in cafe’s.

And I see so much focus on eating meat (fish is for me meat as well).

I feel a strong conviction that eating meat is not good. ‘Treat life as you want to be treated your self’ (Mozes words translated to life in general). So everyone being ‘religious’ in that sense should not eat meat. Where did the corruption enter?

I realized that in ‘early days’, especially in winter times, meat was the only food. But as from now we can import food from places where it grows (which is also quite bad ecologically). Or we can even start to consider to follow the ‘natural food supply’: be there were it grows ((human) Transhumance thought). And, in addition a inner voice suspects eating meat to be ‘lazy’: Just shoot a bullet and you can eat. And a typical masculine ‘funny game’, doing ‘cool’ (hunting). Again, I hope strongly the more ‘care taking’ feminine side of us moves in. And we start realizing we can make beautiful food forests (which hardly need effort to maintain, no more yearly plowing and seeding, etc.), or adapt us more to ‘what grows somewhere’, permaculture, etc.

Which associates me to the mythical figure of Artemis… What I read is that she is the protector of nature. I also read that she is the goddess of the hunt. Well, I hope she hunts the hunters! (I cannot believe that this goddess hunts on animals for pleasure or food… do you?).

Habits. My parent were children of farmers. ‘Off course you eat meat’. ‘Without meat you will miss certain nutrients’. I’am afraid for the meat eat lovers, that this is not true (by eating balanced, fruits, vegetables, sport enough, etc.).

And, I have a strong feeling (which I cannot prove) is that eating meat has also something to do with our emotional harness and internal demons: The thicker our harness, and the more demons, the more desire for meat. But you may immediately forget this, as I said, I cannot proof this, and I don’t feel the desire to proof it.

For me not hurting animals is enough reason, In addition I believe via eating meat, you swallow in a super aggregated manner the ‘stress energy’ (of translated physically: hormones/ chemicals), which a animals collects in its oppressed life time (people who saw a ‘normal’ pig-farm from within, or a slaughterhouse will know what I mean, I have been there). And consider the maximum stress hormones an animal generates just before its forced and often cruel death. The fear, anxiety, etc., it is all collected in the dead body. Normally these stress residuals leave the animal within some days or weeks. But not with the meat we eat: the ‘animal’s cleaning up system’ stops directly after killing it, leaving all the stress hormones in… yes, the meat we eat.

What can this do with peoples emotional well being? (eating all these stress hormones?).

And than I don’t mention all the chemicals used to maximize growth of the animal and the food it eats, in the meat growing industry.

A ‘hopeful’ tendency for fish: Oceans get so much poisoned that the fish is already becoming poisonous for mankind (interesting cosmic resonance, that ‘fish’ in French is named ‘pois(s)on’ already;-) ).

And, as said earlier on my blog on ‘barking dogs’, I feel that nature cannot defend itself. And via cosmic reciprocal law, doing harm strikes back on us. Via ourselves: human to human (fight, rape, war, hurt, emotional suppression parents-children and the other way around, Fukushima like disasters, terrorists attacks, unhealthy presidents, etc.). [Listen also to Pink Floyds, On The Turning Away, …just a case of all the suffering…]

I read studies that people eating meat have a 40 % higher chance on (breast) cancer. If that is not enough reason to stop eating meat? Or, if one does not stop, maybe we should call eating meat -liking smoking- an addiction (or ‘escapism’). I hope we as humanity soon start become conscious on this addiction, without blame or shame.  And that we can eliminate the reasons for this addiction.

I am happy I don’t need to proof everything I write;-)

And in such the animals might live happily around us!


PS: Why is it, that manufacturers of cigarettes must add all kinds of horrible pictures on there cigarette boxes, and meat manufactures don’t have to do this (health risks might be comparable, the difficulty on letting go of the habit also…)? Raise a question to your political party representant on this?

PPS: Collective conscious does beautiful things, for those who did not see it, watch the movie Zootropolis. A crossover between the Flowtowns habitat concept and the essence of this blog article.