Words make our universe. New words open the gate to a new universe. So I gave my self permission to create new words for concepts which had no word for it before. Some words already are making their way to the world, others are innovative fresh, and might never become ‘popular. In addition: We often look for the meaning of a combination of words, but forget to look to the essence a word carries in itself… and many words have been taken far from there original meaning or even started to mean the opposite, it feels important to purify this.

You will find both Dutch words and English words, in an arbitrary order.

“Using words you’ll find astrange” [Pink Floyd]

Glenen [NL] / Dift [EN]- Deels gift, deels lening. Partly debt, partly gift. Receiver has the intention to make a likewise donation to the giver, but without guilty feelings by neither giver or receiver. And without interest (‘rente’ in Dutch).