About Iwanjka

I believe…

I believe… in currency created via doing something for society (‘time-mining’) instead of created via debt (money).

I believe… in guardianship instead of possession.

I believe… in nuanced relationships instead of one binary relation.

I believe… in tribehouses instead of apartments.

I believe… in a multi-layered delegate system instead of party-politics. Just cut out the parties. No more divide and conquer.

I believe, ‘belief’ means ‘be lief’: Be good, be love full. Nothing more, nothing less. (‘Lief’ in Dutch language means ‘sweet, good, love full, et cetera). If we focus on the essence of religions, instead of the differences, religious wars woud be over.

My ‘religion’: I believe in love, and my church is nature and our godly bodies.

Who is Iwanjka?

“Create an alternative system instead of fighting it”

I  was born in 1973 in Malawi.

As from the age of five I lived in Holland. I studied information engineering (communication protocols as graduation subject).

I am the father of two girls (Jeanne and Mairaell), and live in Amersfoort.

Via an un-intended life path I found myself working in the banking industry until 2008. A burn-out due to a mortgage (loan) and the financial crisis of 2008 made me leave that system. And a mental care system which -in my eyes- often makes people more sick, instead of healing them. (without blaming anyone).

New life, new path
For me the starting point of a new life. Reflecting on society, and my life I concluded that actually society is quite sick. And needs a cure. Since then I dedicate myself -together with millions of changemakers globally- to this task. I wrote several books: Diagnose Levensklem (Dutch only), Novaglobe and Deniesa’s Manifest (Dutch only). I work on a new book named Living love manifest. 

My primary focus points or niches are creating another economic and social DNA: 1. Debt free and speculation free currency and workfow / production and trade.  And 2, More senseful communal and social cohesive living structures, including housing and new relation and intimacy protocols.

I host a web portal named ‘transitieportaal.nl‘ (transition portal), there you find more on (communal camp) events, tools, videos on the above mentioned topics. Content is also available in English.

Part of my transition path felt to find my true voice (singing). You’ll find more on my music, which I share for free at the page ‘Music’. An important milestone for me was joining a ‘Global Freedom Concerts’ gig, in LA California. The focus was stop human trafficking, organized by a movement named Artists4Freedom. Here you see an six minute impression:  11-11-11 Global Freedom Concerts gathering,

Sports – your godly bodhi
I strongly join the vision that our body is the temple of the soul. Not focusing on keeping it healthy and ‘nice and shiny’ will have a negative effect on your creation power and happiness, and the people around you. Not blaming the people who have not (yet) found a way to keep their body vital: We live in a pressed and stressed world… find your own ways of ‘some kind of movement’, dance, run, swim, climb… whatever.

For me barefoot running and climbing (both natural rock and artificial objects) make a balanced combination, which I highly enjoy and also experience as a meditation and moments of inspiration.

Mont Ventoux Barefoot Marathon for Malawi (and the rest of the world)
I started to run the Mont Ventoux mountain in 2016. To start fundraising for orphaned children in Malawi.  As from 2018 I focus on a specific project named ‘ChiwayLands & School of NewDirection’. I intend to keep running the Mont Ventoux each two years, at least until the school is finished. I believe what we can learn there and develop together, can serve everyone on this earth. Next that we intend to manifest a secondary girls school. At the page ‘Malawi’ you can read more, also how you could help or join.