Personal Transition Plan

“Be the change you want to see in this world”, a world know credo, many say it, but it is sometimes hard to live it.

Step by step is the path I intend to follow.

I see two main threats for society: Climate change / pollution and a growing risk on a financial / money crisis.

The first aspect has a growing attention in the world, also in the mainstream politics. Not saying enough is done, so it is good to think for your self: what will be your intentions and actions use for instance practically no more fossil fuels in future? I intend for example to stop flying fossil completely in 2030. And I did my first 1000 km travels by train instead of fossil the last years. To practice with alternative ways of traveling.

The second aspect -a potential next financial crisis- was mainstream attention in 2007/2008: Lehman Brothers bank wend bankrupt. In the Netherlands banks like ABN AMRO, FORTIS, DSB and SNS went bankrupt or were bought by the tax payer (state). I worked as a self employed at ABN AMRO than, and I just took a mortgage for buying a house. And I had my personal ‘investements’ in stocks and derivate financial products.

During that crisis I saw as an ‘insider’ reports of house prices dropping up to 50% in the USA and the news on foreclosures. I didn’t foresee when taking that mortgage both could occur at the same time: Potentially loose my income (my clients were goint bankrupt – the banks), AND house prices dropping with up to 50%. Potentially making that the bank were I took my mortgage would be forced to make me pay an additional tens of thousands of euro’s (their security did not have enough value for the loan they gave).

Why am I saying this?

Because only a few seem to understand, or can understand these kind of financial dynamics. It is important that ‘the many’ understand this. And start to see we created an ‘financial time bomb’, which is ready to explode again.

Explode again, because nothing fundamentally changed. It even got worse: Whole countries went bankrupt, and continents (Europe / EU) needed to buy that out again. The ECB ‘ptinting’ tens of billions per month, to avoid the system collapsing. But the sooner of later we will see the consequences of this all.

Why does this happen?

Because we have created a money system with a cancer in it, named debt.

And there is only one solution: Create and start using currency systems which run free from debt, credit, loans, etc. The Ziny currency system has been designed in this world view.

Secondly – and this might sounds strange – we need, want to create concepts which makes us release the ‘possession concept’. Especially for money-intense things like houses and lands. Otherwise the ‘pay me money, even if I do nothing’, cycle keeps on turning.

That is why my primary transition path, already from say 2010 is:


1. Become less depending on currency systems in which currents have been created by debt (euro, dollar, etc). In the Netherlands for instance focus on needing max 1000 euro’s a month. 2. Start using debt-free currencies in a partial way (like Ziny currency), to get used to it, and support these systems to be able to grow: Things where you put your energy and money in will grow. Start buying goods and services in this different currency, and thus you give body to that alternative debtfree economy. 3. Strive to live on lands and places which are debt-free, otherwise you will remain connected to the ‘debt-conomy’: Because you need to pay the rent (=interest mainly) in a debt based currency.

Yes such a transition path can take 50 years, but it seems one of the only ways to both avoid 1. being in the ‘melt down’ and 2. create that bright other world…

[PS: Many resources on the web are available on ‘how the system works’, I advice Zeitgeist moving forward, and Money as Debt for instance].

And what about all those debts and mortgages, shouldn’t we have a migration path for that as well? I don’t think so… debts will ‘go into flames’ by itself. The only thing we can strive for, is to do maximum damage control and create a ‘managed phase out’ program for debt based money. Read for instance this page on a mortgage plan. Again, take a time from of 50 years, but take each year a 1/50th step.

Other aspects

And off course there are other aspects to focus on: Creating a love and harmony based religion. And heal and cure our own personal and collective trauma’s caused by so many wars and disruptive religion implementations. And start to treat all life on earth as we want to be treated our selves.

Remember that we might have create an economic system which reflects a two thousand years of pressious and mostly perverse religion implementations, not living love and harmony. Being born in guilt, might have translated into paying with guilt (guilt based currency). That is our nowadays economic blood. What a bright future can be ahead, that even with such a corruptive money system, our society already brings forth such beautiful l things. For me this is Hope.

But for now, I think my special gift is to share knowlegde on the financial and money system. More you can read in the Novaglobe book, or read the Q&A on the ZIny Currency page (or watch a one minute video there;-) ).

I hope to meet you once on a ‘non possessed land’ in a ‘debt-free house’ and that I can pay you in a debtree currency…


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