Currency Consultancy

In Dutch:

“… de realisatie van schuldvrije currencies en ik werk voor een basisinkomen tarief…”

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In English:

Professionally: I work as a currency consultant. In the previous  credit crisis starting 2007 / 2008 Lehman Brothers went bankrupt initiating a global baking system crisis (In Holland banks like ABN ARMO, FORTIS, DSB Bank, etc. crashed). Hypothesis: The financial system has only weakened since then, no fundamental economic changes have been applied. The world seems to have to learn again via maybe an even bigger and deeper crisis. There are solutions at hand though.

In such I help cities and villages to design and implement debt free -banks crisis resistant- currency / base economy facilities, and I use my 10 years of bank and ICT experience in this domain.

Watch -or browse- this 8 minute presentation with ‘my’ business case. It shows a fairly simple solution to make cities and organisations robust against a next crisis.

Currency Consultancy is a company focused on creating sense full currency, value exchange and balancing mechanisms for organisations, cities, countries, etc.

Sense full means: Money or currency systems which have been released from these 4 currency parasites: 1. Debt, 2. interest, 3. intrinsic inflation, and 4. unequal currency creation profits sharing among the participants. These currency parasites cause for not-sustainable economic systems, or even worse: Financial bombs, which can be as disruptive for societies as wars, hurricanes, etc.

Origin company: Iwanjka Geerdink worked for about 10 years in the banking industry. He got himself ‘locked’ into a mortgage in 2008, and decided to contribute with his skills to create sound money systems. To turn this world around.

His scarce skills (and thus potential core-gift to the world):

“Knowledge of the disruptive character of the nowadays money system and derivatives, multiple years as project manager and ICT architect in Finance. And his experience as innovation and realisation manager at Utopics information architects (this company does not exist anymore – it has dissolved in Ordina). Since 10 years (since 2008) I do research and experiments with alternative currency systems and socio-ecological redesign.”

Services include: Advice, consultancy, design, project management, plan & implement, governance structures & maintenance organisation.

Iwanjka Geerdink has a Master of Science in information engineering (Twente University).

Feel free to contact him via, by telephone via +31651484054, skype (Iwanjka) or Facebook.

Here you can read about his living principles on possession and money.

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A secondary business line is to organize transition events and camps. And in addition I offer Twitter based promotional services for a selected number of familiar customers ().