Turbulence ahead? Endtime maybe, A New Beginning

I admit, I often feel quite pessimistic about what I see around me. What I see in the news on climate heating, and the measures taken by countries, which seem to go far too slowy. And what I see in the streets in the cities. So many faces: People in hurry, people far away, people in isolation.

At the other side I see the ‘bright side’ of life and our society. Automotive companies changing rapidly into non-fossil engines. And almost all political parties now being aware that climate change and nature has to be a main topic. I myself was not that aware of this it until 2008, the year of my personal transition.

And it feels all connected… consumeritus and a largely deprived society. Especially in the cities: People come to live next to each other based on a $$$ house allocation process, not based on that they become family-like systems taking care of each other. That this happened seems – even though it is sad- to have a reason: To break down the structures how people were allocated over houses before: Rigid (biological) family and village structures, religion based ‘zones’, etc.

But how are we going to redevelop cities from the social ‘ghost towns’ as they partly feel to be now? People can hardly move, space in many cities is difficult to get. Prices are high, so are the loans. What I want to say: It is not that easy to make people change places and form social cohesions with each other.

In the Netherlands the costs of care taking are rising year by year. Care taking seems to become more and more a thing only done if $$$ is paid. And people living close to each other consider care taking as something to be done by ‘somebody’, but not by them (in general).

Ghost towns giving space and a financial crisis?

I don’t expect that policy makers or humans can make the turn to lower consumption and / or a more ecological production system soon enough. Thus, to be honest, I hope the ‘universe’ brings a financial crises. From another perspective: This crisis feels unavoidable.

What will happen than is hopefully that 1. Mass production drops with more than say 30%. 2. People finally become aware that a financial system that creates 1 dollar of debt with each dollar created, is a dead end street. 3. That our society is clever enough to make the transition path without many casualties.

And what I also feel to be logical is that cities than become partly ‘ghost towns’ from respect that many people will, and or leave the cities: They cannot pay for the house anymore. I have seen pictures of ghost town village in the UK, even now, 10 years after the previous crisis.

There can be a bright side in this. And that this is, that via this ‘exodus’ people start to move in a way they otherwise would not do. And that this finally brings a platform in which we can organize ‘togetherhoods’ in a more organical fashion, and keep $$$ driven processes out of there.

Reorganizing the agriculture -or meat production- ‘grasslands’ into food-forest and semi permaculture living zones could be a transition key. You can read more on this soon at the section ‘vision papers’ at www.transitieportaal.nl

End time, A New Beginning

For me the tales in books like the bible on an ‘end time’ seem to come true. Even the sign of the beast ($$$ for me) goes around. Nearly everything, and or service between people needs to be sold or possessed. In addition we have periods of dryness never seen in the Netherlands.

Hurricanes, fires, etc. seem to pop up more and more.

How to respond on this is ones personal choice. Or ‘response-ability’. Become numb. Or frightened. Or try to ‘dig in deeper’ in the ‘iconomy’ (economy of the beast). Or… or, open the eyes with wonder on a new possible world which could be manifested if we sail our ships through this choppy water.

For me, looking at the world and reality as described in this article helps to stay faithful. And to remain hopeful.

In such… this End time, is required to make a New Beginning. And who knows, this is the ‘kingdom come’ period, a new harmonic cohesion of all the people and species dwelling on earth.

With a religious neutral greeting,

PS1: For those living in the Netherlands – you can join a camp in summer to connect with fellow spirited people. See www.transitieportaal.nl. And you can attend this festival seminar November 23, 2019 in Amersfoort.

PS2: I will later add two links to a session I organised in the Bergkerk in the Netherlands November 17 2018. The first link will have a musical view on what I feel is going on. The second link is a more ‘rational’ presentation on economics, housing, etc.